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Spiral Pendant on 30

Soapstone Animals Assorted 2 animal carvings.

Agate Slice Key Chain.

Amethyst Key Chain Gemstone attached to Key.

Quartz Point Key Chain.

Rock Candy Assorted flavor crystal rock candy on a stick.

Large Pouch 3

Gemstone Pencil Souvenir pencil filled with mini gemstones.

Collection Box Plastic box with 17 compartments and tags for specimens.

Dig Into Rocks Beginning rock & mineral identification guide for children; 33 pages.

Dig Into Fossils Beginning fossil identification guide for children; 25 pages.

Bag o Rocks Scoop of stones in a bag.

Mineral Testing Kit. Everything you need to identify minerals.

Classroom Collection 50 pc collection of Rocks & minerals.

Fossil kit. 12 specimens with geological time scale.

Gold in a bottle.

Bottled Minerals. Amethyst. February Birthstone

Bottled Minerals. Aventurine. Alternate August Birthstone.

Bottled Minerals. Blue Topaz. December Birthstone.

Bottled Minerals. Carnelian. Alternate July Birthstone.
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