Fall 2019




From the Director

Dear Museum Patrons,

It is with great joy and relief that we are opening the New Museum facility on November 12. I think you will find our new “digs” much improved and accessible. New exhibits include the exceptional Altar of the Green Jade Pa- goda featuring a five-foot high pagoda atop a magnificent 3-tiered platform. The Altar and other fine pieces from the Chang Collection were donated by the Oakland County Museum of California. Mineral Match, a new interac- tive game is sure to be a favorite, a fun way to explore how minerals relate to everyday objects. All exhibits have been re-worked with the exception of some of the dioramas and rock and mineral experience exhibits.

We welcome our new Curator of Asian Art, Tongyun Yin, Ph.D. She has already enhanced the collection by re- searching pieces and adding much needed interpretation. She will offer programs related to the collection. Along with Sara Kurth, our Geologist educator, we hope to expand our reach in both the cultural and science related programs and tours.

Our special exhibit Bronze to Jade is in collaboration with the MacLean Collection. The exhibit features the juxtapo- sition of ancient bronze wares with more recent jade carvings. This exhibit will continue for our first six months.

A great BIG thank you to all of our members and donors; we could not have completed this project without you. Through building fund contributions, new and renewed memberships the Museum has raised nearly 2 million dollars to complete the new facility. Our membership now includes over 330 individuals and families, a 20% in- crease over last year.

As our regular Museum hours resume don’t forget to visit our expanded Museum Shop with new merchandise for the coming Holiday Season. Your purchases help to support the Museum. As a public charity, your support is vital to our ongoing operations. We look forward to sharing our love of the beauty of gemstones with you.

Hope to see you soon!

Dorothy J. Asher Director

2019 Donors

Thank you to our over 300 Museum Members, as well as those who contributed to the Building Fund.
This project could not have happened without your generous support.

Mr. Lloyd Altera
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Arnold

Mr. and Mrs. Don Asher
Ms. Kathleen Baird
Mr. and Mrs. Wes Baker
Honorable William Bauer

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Bernardi
Dr. Sakina Bharani
Mr. James Breski
Dr. and Mrs. Merrick Bromberg
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Britz
Mr. and Mrs. Garri Budynsky
Mrs. Rafaelita JoAnn Cantalupo
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel P.Y. Chang
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ciciora
Mr. William Csolkovits
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Cummings
Mr. Lee Daniels
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dellaportas
Mr. Jonathan Hansen
Ms. Mary Hansen
Mr. Robert Hansen
Ms. Julia Hansen Rohles
Ms. Linda Hansen Smith
Dr. and Mrs. James Hay
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Hare
Ms. Diane L. Hennessy

Mrs. Blanche Hill
Mr. David B. Hill III
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hoeltgen
Ms. Sally Hoffman
Ms. Heidi Huizenga
Ms. Joyce G. Jessen
Mr. Robert W. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Ty Kelley
Ms. Carolyn A. Landwehr
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Lindahl
Mr. Gregory Gajda
Mr. Robert E. Genirs
Mr. and Mrs. James Guerther
Mr. Phil Gutman
Mr. and Mrs. John Lizzadro Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lizzadro Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Lizzadro
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Lizzadro Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lizzadro
Mr. Joseph Lizzadro III
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Lizzadro
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Lizzadro
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lizzadro
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Locatelli
Mr. and Mrs. John Lucas
Mr. Barry MacLean
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Megalis
Mr. and Mrs. Marilyn McNichols
Ms. Jill K. Mikita

Mr. Skip Mungo
Ms. Marina Natsis
Ms. Gina Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. John Nicholas
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nicholas
Ms. Karen Nordquist
Mr. and Mrs. William Parrillo
Dr. and Mrs. John Picchietti
Ms. Ione L. Piche
Mr. Ken Pobloske
Ms. Flora Rinaldi
Ms. Suzanne Rose
Mr. Carmen Sandretto
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Savino
Mr. Carl (Max) Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Glen Selig
Ms. June H. Shulman
Mrs. Corinne J. Sloan
Ms. Loueen Snow
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan
Mr. Joel Tiritilli
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Troost
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vilim
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Villiard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Vogt
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Werner
Ms. Eleanor H. Wheeler
Bernard Cafe & Deli
Horejsi Charitable Foundation
Robert B. McManus, Inc.

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