The Shape of Matter – Through an Artist’s Eye

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The Shape of Matter – Through an Artist’s Eye

Paula Crevoshay, Martin Bell, Christian Chavez

2020  170 pages

Like generations of artists before her, Paula Crevoshay is fascinated by nature. She knows that our sense of wonder in the face of nature inspires both art and science. In The Shape of Matter – Through an Artist’s Eye, Crevoshay uses art to explain science. When we think of the states of matter, most of us think of gas, liquid and solid. We know that in solids the atoms are arranged in orderly, repeated patterns, called crystals. What many of us don’t know is that there are only seven basic shapes. The variations of these are called crystal systems. In Shape of Matter, Crevoshay introduces us to each of the systems giving examples showing their beauty and variety, along with the gorgeous fine art jewels she creates with them, and Martin Bell explains the underlying science in everyday language.

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