(Deaccessioned) Jadeite 20th century pendant

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This is deaccessioned from the Lizzadro Museum permanent collection. What is DeaccessioningDeaccessioning is defined as the process by which a work of art or other object is permanently removed from a museum’s collection. Deaccessioning is a practical and constructive tool of collections care that supports the long-term preservation of a collection in order to better serve its mission and community. It is a procedure that allows institutions to deal with out-of-scope materials that have been determined to be unworthy of continued retention through reappraisal. A work of art may be removed from the collection for a number of reasons:
a) The work or object does not add significantly to the Museum’s holdings.
b) The work or object is of poor quality and lacks value for exhibition or study purposes.
c) The work or object is no longer consistent with the mission or collecting goals of the Museum.
d) The work or object is a duplicate that has no value as part of a series.
Proceeds from the sale of deaccessioned items may be used to acquire new objects for the collection or for the direct care of the existing collection (conservation, purchase of acid free materials, etc.)

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