Fossil Peanut wood oval pendant

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Petrified Peanut wood (also known as teredo wood) is rare type of petrified wood from Western Australia it comes from trees that grew 70 million years ago in the Cretaceous period. Peanut wood refers not to the type of tree, but to the appearance of the peanut shaped light color markings against the blackish background of this petrified wood. Peanut wood was created from wood that washed into the ocean and became infested with small marine clams (teredo mollusks, aka shipworms) that bore into wood. Eventually the wood sank to the ocean floor, where the boreholes filled with white sediment from tiny plankton (radiolarite) and later petrified. This unique process created a uniquely beautiful petrified wood.

20mm x 35mm oval Peanut wood pendant set in sterling silver.

Snake chain sold separately.


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